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Welcome to MetalReuse

The MetalReuse Company is an international trade and recycling service provider of various metals and plastics. Our vision is to ensure sustainable ‘above the ground’ mining (re-use) of metals such as copper, steel, aluminum and various types of plastics. We naturally pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, quality of products and environmental compliance through our integrated supply chain approach. >>read more

MetalReuse partners with 2 more recycling plants in India

MetalReuse has become a preferred supply partner for various companies in India. The deal is set to save several million $USD for the plants over the next 5 years, as it becomes part of an integrated supply chain with MetalReuse providing all international sourcing and as they focus on their production activitie >>read more

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Due to increasing demand from MetalReuse customers in the Middle East, Central and East Asia, several of the followings items are currently on the list of items that MetalReuse is sourcing from various suppliers. Due to our strict standards and policies, all items will be tested according to international specifications before any agreement takes place. >>read more