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MetalReuse partners with Kaishini India

The MetalReuse Company has become the preferred supply partner for two well known copper rod and ingot producers in New Delhi, India. The deal is set to save several million $USD for the plants over the next 5 years, as it becomes part of an integrated supply chain with MetalReuse providing all international sourcing and as they focus on their production activities. >>read more

MetalReuse ‘Carbon reduction commitment’ programme

Green house gas emissions are becoming a growing problem in the industrial trade and recycling industries despite many measures by government and several large corporations. MetalReuse has started embarking on an ambitious carbon reduction programme to reduce it’s global footprint as much as possible. >>read more

MetalReuse interest in small sized local scrap dealers

MetalReuse recently has shown interest in working with smaller local scrap dealers, where yearly revenue may be less than a million. Interests have sparked amidst the company in a bid to develop small sized businesses and create a sustainable growth within this highly competitive sector. >>read more


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