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About MetalReuse

What we believe in

Our vision

Our vision is to provide small to medium sized recycling factories across the world, with the required quantity, quality (including international compliance) of scrap items for recycling, as well as provide the marketing platform for more efficient and effective sales of their manufactured items, through structured global partnerships.

Our values and approach

In an industry and market where market economics fluctuate highly, cash only businesses are common, competition is fierce and pricing is cut-throat, we set values of building certainty, trust, transparency, competitive yet standardized pricing, building on relationships between various entities, and strong people development.

Our clients

Due to the confidentiality agreements with clients and our partners their names cannot be disclosed, however our clients range from small to large scale enterprises, and we focus on suppliers, manufacturers and distributors/end-users. We have to date successfully transacted with over 10 significant clients.


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