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About MetalReuse

What we do

Our business

The MetalReuse Company is an international trade and recycling service provider of various metals and plastics. Our vision is to ensure sustainable ‘above the ground’ mining (re-use) of metals such as copper, steel, aluminum and various types of plastics. We naturally pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, quality of products and environmental compliance through our integrated supply chain approach.

Our trade regions

Our trade regions are predominately between Africa (South Africa, Congo) and the Asia-Pacific (India, China, Russia and Australia) however our current 5 year plan is to expand beyond these borders, towards the west such as Chile and the USA. Our offices are based in Pretoria, South Africa and in New Delhi, India. Our copper, steel and aluminum products are available in either refined form (rods, ingots, wires, cathodes, chips) or in unrefined form such as scrap.

Our factories and partners

Our recycling factories in New Delhi (operated through our sister company, JR Impex Pty. Ltd.), as well as the recycling factories owned by our partner companies are able to handle large volumes of scrap metals producing a significant quantity of refined products certified for industrial use. Products are optimized for bulk consumers however we also cater for niche markets with customer specific requests.

Our skills development and environmental focus

We pride ourselves in promoting sustainable skills development in our countries of operation and ensure equal promotion and development of both our supplier and consumer base. This is done through joint partnerships with various local government agencies and communities (for example through Supplier Development programmes in South Africa). Furthermore one of our strategic goals is to reduce emissions and waste and this is reflected in our upcoming MetalReuse plant in South Africa. The plant is a true epitome of environmental innovation in the manufacturing industry with its low energy consumption design and energy saving features. >>read more


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