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MD, Middle East and Central Asia
Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta is responsible for all customer sales management and supply activities to our end customers in Central Asia (India) and the Middle East. He has extensive hands on experience in the scrap metal and plastics industry, growing through the ranks at various agencies and factories. He successfully headed up JR Impex (Pty) Ltd. in India, which has grown to deliver continuous trade deals between India and China on various construction related trade goods.

MD, Central and Southern Africa
Mr. Nirojan Poovendran

Nirojan Poovendran is currently responsible for SA sourcing, sales and financial activities. He also is involved in the Management Consulting industry responsible for engaging large corporations in their turnaround strategies, sales stimulations and supply chain management. He has successfully turned around more than 12 projects in industries such as logistics and transport, financial services and confectionary producers. He has his Honors in Engineering (B.Eng) from the University of Pretoria, SA.

Nirojan Poovendran

MD, East Asia-Pacific
Mr. Robert Dake Lu

Robert Dake Lu is responsible for all transport and operational activities between various origins and destinations, and also plays a key role in managing end customers in East Asia (China). He has run Magnolia Trading a food services company since 1994, which to date still is one of the preferred food supplier to several retail outlets in South Africa.


Robert Dake Lu


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